Uni Compartment Knee Replacement

Uni Compartmental knee replacement is an alternative to traditional knee replacement in the treatment of arthritis of the knee.

The proposed advantages of Uni Compartmental knee replacement are bone preservation, smaller surgical procedure and increased range of motion.

Initially there was a lot of enthusiasm for Uni Compartmental Knee replacement and many surgeons were using it. Recent evidence from the National Joint Replacement Registry in Australia and sources in other parts of the world have demonstrated issues with Uni Compartmental knee replacement.

The failure rate of this procedure is higher than for traditional knee replacement methods. As such the number of surgeons performing Uni Compartmental knee replacement and the number of patients receiving Uni Compartmental knee replacement surgery have declined significantly.

Recently a robot has become available to assist in implanting the components of a unicompartment knee into a good position.  This is likely, in my view, to make a major difference in the results as poor positioning of implants is a major reason for failure.  If improvement in positioning does indeed improve long term results then I expect unicompartment knee to become more commonly used.