Hip Resurfacing Replacement

Hip resurfacing replacement is an alternative to hip replacement in the treatment of arthritis of the hip.

I do not perform this procedure.

The proposed advantages of hip resurfacing are to preserve bone and increase the range of activity that patients especially younger patients can perform.

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Stem Cells

Recently in the media there has been a lot of interest in using Stem Cells to treat many medical conditions. This includes interest in treating orthopaedic conditions such as arthritis of the knee and hip.

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Computer Navigation

In an effort to improve the results of Knee and Hip replacement computer navigation is beginning to be used.

The proposed advantages of computer navigation are better placement of implants. This will hopefully translate into longer survivorship of the implants. There are some patients in whom, due to previous surgery or injury, traditional methods of navigation are difficult or impossible. In these cases computer navigation can enable surgery.

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